Daniel 7 Parallels

This table shows the parallel verses especially for the purpose of matching up the explanation verses with the original Vision-of-Daniel verses. The table below isn't authoritative but should be a reasonable starting point. Basically the explanation provides a little more insight and detail than is available by just looking at the Vision verses alone.


A restatement


Vs 7 beast/iron

Vs 19 beast as unique and devourer

Vs 23 devours earth

Vs 8 little horn

Vs 20 10/3/1 horns

Vs 24 10/3/1 horns

Vs 25 wears out saints

Vs 9 Ancient of Days

Vs 22 Ancient comes for judgment


Vs 10 Books opened

Vs 22 Ancient comes for judgment

Vs 26 judgment sits (or begins)

Vs 11 horn destroyed by fire

Vs 22 judgment given to saints

26 consume the horn

Vs 12 nations live a little longer



Vs 13 Son of Man in clouds



Vs 14 kingdom to saints

Vs 22 judgment given to saints

Vs 27 kingdom to saints

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