Daniel Highlights

What do Christians basically know before looking at Daniel 8?

1. That the temple was destroyed in AD70.

2. That Jerusalem was destroyed as well

Daniel is mainly about...

1. kingdom of God

2. God's power to bring forth the kingdom

3. Pride of kings being overcome by kingdom of God

4. Kings trampling over the saints

5. Justice for the believers

6. End of the transgressions among Israel

7. Identifying time of Messiah

Basically Daniel has the prophecy of the Roman Empire going into its worst behavior at the same time that the Judeaens were completing their transgressions (9:24). This was the time of the end (9:24) requiring the Messiah and pointing to Messiah. The aggression of both the Roman Empire and the Jews would be taken out upon the saints (those changed by Christ Jesus).

The Messiah also brought everlasting righteousness (9:24) through the event of being cut-off (9:26) or killed, a death described in other passages to refer to a death on the cross. The everlasting righteousness became recognized as the saving grace that acted upon believers as a contrast to the idea of requiring works to be justified.

Especially noted in Daniel is that an emperor of Rome was going to kill Christians (7:25) and then the emperor was to be judged (7:26) and the Roman Empire, with the other empires, were to be destroyed (2:35 regarding the striking of the stone). The Messiah then would take the throne in the the forming kingdom and the saints were to possess the kingdom as the act of reversing the situation so that now the Christians were reigning against the nations.

What do we get from studying Daniel?

1. Introduction to end-times

2. Hope for our future by seeing God has directed history

3. Instructions about nature of kingdom of God

Did Daniel help the Jews before Christ Jesus?

1. Wouldn't this be a reason for the prophecies? Probably not since it was still sealed

Did Daniel help the Jews after the death and resurrection?

1. Probably only for those who became believers and needed help enduring the times.

A sample completion of ideas is:

Dan 8:3,20 speak of longer horn as being one of kings of Media-Persia.

The longer horn was Cyrus, aka Koresh, ruler of Persia

The description of the fulfillment of earlier prophecies of things such as

1. events represented by "trampling" (from history in vs 7) to use in later event of vs 10.

2. behavior shown by "magnified self" 8:4 shows earlier usage and then this could be applied to later in 8:11

These examples are on basis that the earlier events were identified to kings of specific empires. Then the unspecified king would have the similar behavior.

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