Matt 24 Correlations

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Creation date: Sep 13, 2007

The following analysis is built by some connections between the Old Testament passages with the words spoken prophetically by Jesus. Jesus then presented the separate passages into a sequence of interconnected events in a manner not presented directly within the Old Testament. The final story was being presented as Jesus spoke.

The verses are presented a bit tentatively and will require further study. Initial investigation into the passages seem to show the Old Testament references of this study will truly show the meaning as displayed in the table below.

Based on the foregoing observations, the Matt 24 presentation essentially reveals the correlation of the Old Testament passages in sequence. Jesus revealed the manner of interpretation of the passages. And since the words of Jesus were needed to interpret the Old Testament passages, the study of the same Old Testament prophecies can not be expected to be fully understood by merely looking at the Old Testament. Yet in light of the words of Jesus the prophecies can be seen to be logical and can be evaluated whether such prophecies were completed. Consequently, based on the ideas of the argument here, the prophecies of the Old Testament did not hold a strongly predicative benefit but rather only provided a benefit of retrospect.

Matthew 24 Correlation to Old Testament
Verse from Matthew....................... Old Testament reference................................. Description..............
Judging Judea
Matt 24:27 As lightning so is coming (applies to vs 15-26) n/a Lighting:
Visibility over a distance
Is in the sky
--looks forward to Dan 7:13 and Matt 24:30 Son shall be in the sky
Matt 24:27 So shall coming of Son of Man be Mal 3:2 who may abide the day of His coming a refiner's fire. Mal 4:5 mentions Elias before the coming
Matt 24:28 where the carcass is, there the vultures will be Appears to connect Matt 24:15-27 with the destruction of Jerusalem per Deut 28:26 "carcass as meat for fowls of the air" And Deut 28:49 seems to enhance the idea of the Roman Empire as the agressor. speaks of a nation from afar. The corpse is Judea.
Punish the world
Matt 24:29 After tribulation, Dan 7:21 war against saints This is a quick match for the moment
Matt 24:29 sun darkened, moon not give its light, stars fall from heavens Appears to connect the tribulation of vs 29 with the judgment of nations per Isa 13:10. Also see Joel 2 ???
Matt 24:29 powers of heaven shaken Connects the tribulation of vs 29 with Isa 13:13 "the heavens tremble". Isa 13:11 mentions punishing of the world
Judging the nations
Matt 24:30 Sign of Son of Man appears in sky n/a Dan 7:13 doesn't fit here since there is no mention of the cloud. But Mal 3:2 "coming" verse is applicable here. This phrase doesn't appear in Luke 21 or Mark 13
Matt 24:30 All tribes will mourn Zeh 12:9 destroy nations who came against Jerusalem. (10) who they pierced, mourn for Him, mourning in Jerusalem. ???
Coronation of Messiah
Matt 24:30 They will see Son coming on clouds of the heavens Dan 7:13 Son of Man came with clouds of heaven and came to Ancient of Days The enemies see the Son being crowned as king.
Matt 24:30 with power and glory [kingdom implied next] Dan 7:14 dominion,glory, kingdom ... that all peoples,nations,languages might serve Him. Then in Dan 7:18 the saints receive the kingdom
Protection of believers
Matt 24:31 Send forth Angels. A great trumpet, gather elect from four winds, one end of sky to the other Matt 13:41,48 Angels remove stumbling blocks (48)Gather good fish to shore. Isa 22:13 trumpet blown for worship the scattered in Assyria will come. ??

Quick Notes

  1. The Conclusions column (Judging Judea, Punish the world, Judging the nations, Coronation of Messiah, and Protection of Believers) shows the main conclusions of the analysis. These headings basically show the topical translation of the Old Testament verses obtained from the typical study bible as references provided for the words of Jesus. It is reasonable to say that Jesus was using the context of the Old Testament passages to explain His words and then also His words were elaborating on the application and meaning of the Old Testament passages.
  2. In Matthew 24:30 there is the phrase "sign of the Son of Man" which interestingly lacks the corresponding phrase in Mark 13:25-27 or in Luke 21:26-28, the phrases that match with Matt 24:29-31.

Punish the World

  1. Judging the nations seems different from Punish the World. One talks about the action against rulers for their improper rule (see Assyria and its fruit in Isa 10).
  2. Punishing the world (Isa 13) seems to be related to Isa 10 where God is taking action against the pride and evil rulership of nations. The action of God is solely against the nations in their own behavior.
  3. Judgment of the nations from Zech 12:9 then shows that there was a second judgment for specifically acting against the act of the nations coming against Jerusalem.
  4. Isa 13 basically incorporates the kingdoms of Dan 2 that were being judged. Arguably, Assyria in Isa 10 and the nations mentioned in Isa 13 were acting against the Lord as a culmination of their role as part of the empires of the statue in Dan 2 that was being brought down in judgment. The statues in Dan 2 were the "fruit" of the king of Assyria (or just of Assyria).

Further study

  1. Isa 13:4 "kingdoms of nations gathered together" seems to match with Ps 2 and hence Acts 4:25-28.
  2. Acts 4:26 "kings and rulers gathered together" matches with 1Cor 2:6-8 speaking of the wisdom the rulers lacked which led to their crucifixion of the Lord of glory.
  3. Rom 9:27 and Rom 11:5 bring in the remnant of Isa 10:22. The remnant was present at that moment, therefore Isa 10 was being fulfilled.

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