Romans has been quite puzzling to people over the years. Many different views have been provided as to the audience, the purpose and the doctrines.

A major distinguishing point that now exists is between the traditional views of Romans (and of other writings by Paul) and the New Perspective of Paul.

The New Perspective of Paul (NPP) view offers many new materials to consider when reading Romans but with some controversy mixed in. Though controversy can occur even with ideas which are true and accurate. See PCA analysis of N.T. Wright at

Various Introductions

First Admin's View ...

The Book of Romans should be seen as a letter written to the Roman Gentile believers in order to correct problems occurring in the locality of Rome. Indeed the purpose of most epistles was to correct problems just as the prophets of the Law and Prophets were written to address issues of the time.
There has been no intent to utilize any NPP concepts or techniques. My analysis is simply an effort to explain what seems to have become evident simply by reading the Epistle to the Romans. Though some additional aspects from other writings may also be added at some point in time.

Hellenist reading

View as explained at The content seems to describe a view which would reject Paul's writing: The Hellenistic reading of Paul

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